Mother and Son Face Felony Charge for Methamphetamine

A mother was recently arrested in Peoria under accusations of committing federal drug crimes. Her son, who is currently serving a sentence at the Illinois Department of Corrections, has also been accused of being involved, after an alleged meth lab was discovered at their residence. The two individuals face a very serious felony charge relating to these accusations.

The authorities claim that they discovered the meth lab within the mother and son’s residence while they were executing a search warrant for suspicion of possessing stolen goods. The investigators stated that they found what they suspected to be stolen family heirlooms and firearms within the residence, and they purportedly found the meth lab in a trash bag inside the garage. They also claim to have discovered a coffee filter containing about 30 grams of what they believe was pseudoephedrine.

They have stated that, in the year prior to the search, the son had supposedly made 16 different purchases of the maximum allowed amount of pseudoephedrine in our state. PSE is an ingredient that can be found in certain over-the-counter medications, and it is an ingredient in methamphetamine. The mother was arrested and charged with one count of conspiracy to manufacture and distribute over 500 grams of methamphetamine. The son was served the warrant for this charge in the correctional facility.

If convicted of the felony charge, under Illinois state law, the mother and son could face a minimum of six years and a maximum of 30 years of imprisonment. A conviction of this type of charge is also not eligible for probation. With such serious potential consequences in mind, the mother and son would do well to gather information pertaining to their specific case in order to begin forming the strongest defense that they deem possible.

Source: Pekin Daily Times, “Woman arrested on federal meth indictment“, Liz Bibb, Oct. 2, 2014