What Do You Need to Know About Child Support?

There are many financial concerns that accompany divorce, especially regardingchild support. Generally, child support is granted to the custodial parent in order to help cover the expenses of raising children, but it is always beneficial for parents to understand financial expectations and obligations after divorce. It is also still possible that one parent could be compelled by the court to pay child support, even if parents are sharing joint custody.

The state of Illinois has specific laws regarding the calculation of child support. Generally, this amount is based on the needs of the child and the income of the  parents. If there are multiple children under the age of 18, the amount that will be paid each month will increase with each additional child.

Child support is intended to cover the expenses related to the needs of the children. This can include school costs, food, clothing, transportation and other needs. Parents may work together with their respective legal teams to come to a child support agreement. These agreements can include individual specifications, such as which parent will pay for college. In cases where a couple cannot work together on the details of financial support, an Illinois family court will finalize the child support arrangement.

Child support can be one of the most complicated aspects of a divorce. If a parent needs to seek support or wishes to modify an existing arrangement, it is necessary to have legal assistance in order to come to a beneficial resolution. Thankfully, an experienced attorney can represent the best interests of a client during this difficult process and explain everything that a parent needs to know.

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