You Need a Strong Defense Strategy When Facing an Assault Charge

A criminal charge of any type can have a direct impact your life, starting with your freedom. It can also impact your driving privileges, work opportunities and personal relationships. One of the best ways to effectively confront accusations of a crime is by seeking a case evaluation as soon as possible after an arrest. If you are facing an assault charge, you need a defense strategy that protects your well being and long-term interests.

Assault charges should be handled by a lawyer who knows how to properly and effectively navigate these sensitive cases. Assault charges may be filed against someone who verbally threatens a person with bodily harm, but does not necessarily engage in physical contact. An experienced Illinois defense lawyer can call into question the evidence against an accused individual and/or challenge accusations that are based only on a verbal exchange.

Assault charges are typically misdemeanors, but they may be elevated to felony charges if the use of a deadly weapon is involved. If convicted of this charge, you could face various penalties, the severity of which should not be underestimated. Even when facing a misdemeanor charge, you will want to protect your future appropriately.

When facing an assault charge, it’s important to take steps to build a proper defense. Before accepting a plea deal or speaking with law enforcement personnel, a person should seek the opinion of a lawyer experienced in criminal defense in Illinois. You have rights, even when charged with a crime, and the best way to ensure that your entitlements are protected is by working with an aggressive, experienced legal advocate.

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