What Are Your Options If Child Support Goes Unpaid?

Raising a child is expensive, especially for an Illinois parent who has recently navigated the complicated process of a divorce. This is why it is extremely important for child support payments to be paid in a timely manner, otherwise it could have a direct impact on the well-being of a child. When parents are left without the support that is ordered by a final decree, it may be necessary to involve a family law attorney.

There are many reasons why a parent may not make child support payments. The loss of job, bitterness over a divorce settlement or financial challenges can impact a person’s ability to meet his or her financial obligations. If you are the recipient, you have the right to expect timely payments unless a modification of the support order is granted.

The child is the one who ultimately suffers when you do not get needed child support payments. This support is designated for a child’s care, educational needs and other issues, and you may not be able to effectively maintain that child’s well-being without support. Instead of resulting to anger and frustration, turn to an Illinois lawyer who can help you understand the legal options that are available to help you confront this situation.

The non-payment of child support can cause many complications for both the receiving parent and the child. Through a case evaluation, a lawyer can determine how a parent can enforce the support order, even going to court if necessary. A parent should never navigate these disputes alone or accept informal or verbal changes to a court-ordered support amount.