How Does a Parent Seek Adjustments of Child Support?

Adjustments of child support may be needed when a parent finds that he or she is unable to meet obligations or is faced with new circumstances. Although the need may be evident, it can be difficult to actually obtain adjustments of child support. The complexity of this process makes it important for Illinois parents to seek professional assistance when facing a situation that may require a change in a child support arrangement.

A job loss, new marriage, financial struggle or other situation may contribute to the need to change a child support order. These orders are eligible to be reviewed every three years or, in some cases sooner, if there has been a dramatic change in circumstances. A parent may seek a review of an existing order by calling or sending an application for a specific date to appear in court.

In order for a parent to be successful in his or her quest to change an existing child support order, the non-custodial parent must be able to prove that he or she cannot pay. If an attorney is able to validate these claims, the modification may be granted. Before a review can take place, financial records are subject to review. This process is accompanied by significant paperwork, but an Illinois attorney experienced in family law can help a parent in a difficult situation.

It should be noted that adjustments to child support do not affect child custody, visitation or other agreements on family law issues. Instead of avoiding child support payments or seeking an out-of-court solution, a non-custodial parent should exercise his or her right to seek a modification. When unable to meet child support obligations, it is best to explore all possible legal options.

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