Do You Really Need a Criminal Defense for a Misdemeanor?

While a misdemeanor criminal charge does not carry the extremely serious penalties that a felony charge carries, it is still important to take this legal situation seriously. A proper criminal defense may be able to minimize the impact of a misdemeanor conviction, especially if it is a second or third offense. In some cases, a defense team will move to have any charges dropped.

In Illinois, there are many different types of misdemeanor offenses. These may include offenses pertaining to drunk driving, traffic offenses, fraud, theft or juvenile charges. Our team understands how to confront this situation and seek an optimal outcome, no matter the specific circumstances involved.

A conviction for a misdemeanor crime can result in fines, penalties and even time in jail. If it is a second or third offense, it is more likely that a defendant will face harsher penalties. Being charged with a criminal offense of any kind can compromise one’s reputation, affect employment opportunities and even have a financial impact. It is important to approach this situation carefully, actively protecting rights and entitlements granted to every individual.

If you have been charged with a misdemeanor offense in Illinois, our team can help you develop a criminal defense strategy that suits your specific needs and goals. We will also vigorously protect your best interests, working for lesser penalties or fighting to have the charges dropped. Even if you feel that you can successfully face these charges on your own, we are ready to explain how our extensive experience can be to your advantage, no matter what criminal charges you may be facing.

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