Requesting a Child Support Modification

Many family law legal issues are not simply one-time matters, but issues that may occasionally need to be revisited when changes occur in a family’s situation. Child support is an issue that can fall into this category.

There are many different circumstance changes for a family that could cause the current terms of a child support order to no longer accurately reflect what the best child support arrangement would be. For example, changes when it comes to the employment situations of the two parents, such as one of the parents getting a promotion or a higher-paying new job or one of the parents losing a job or getting a significant pay cut, can cause there to be major shifts in the relative incomes of the two parents, which can impact what the fairest child support obligation would be. Also, changes with the needs of the child, such as new education needs or new medical needs, can impact how much money is needed to give the child the support they require.

When a circumstance change occurs and a parent thinks that the change necessitates a change in a child support arrangement, going through the proper legal channels is incredibly important. Taking rash, unilateral action when it comes to child support without asking for the proper permissions can expose a person to significant legal problems.

The main legal method to pursue a change to a child support arrangement in connection to changed circumstances is to request a child support modification. Preparing a strong and thorough case can be important when it comes to requesting such a modification. Included among the things that Illinois courts look at when considering whether to grant a child support modification request is whether the circumstance change that has occurred is long-term and substantial.

Our firm represents individuals who are seeking family-law-related court order modifications, such as child support modifications. We can give our clients thorough explanations of the modification request process and help them with the different steps of the process. When it comes to the representation we provide in modification cases and other family law matters, we put a focus on being attentive, easily-accessible and responsive to our clients.