Stolen Wallet Taken from Sick Man Results in Theft Charge

A man is facing a theft charge after he allegedly took a wallet from a patron who believed he was having a heart attack in an Illinois bar. While the man is accused of taking only $100 from the person’s wallet, he is facing a felony theft charge. If he is convicted of this charge, he could face up to five years in prison.

There is surveillance footage from the bar that supposedly indicates that the defendant took the wallet as he was kneeling next to the sick man. The Illinois man is accused of using the money that he took from the victim’s pocket to buy everyone in the bar drinks. Surveillance footage could be subject to a number of legal challenges in court.

Despite video footage of the alleged theft, the prosecution must present sufficient evidence in court before a defendant can be found guilty. The law guarantees this man certain rights as a defendant. How he chooses to exercise those rights may depend on how he pursues the best possible outcome for himself. In fact, the defendant can challenge any of the evidence offered against him if he chooses to do so.

A theft charge is serious, and it can be easy to presume a person to be guilty simply from reading about what purportedly happened. However, everyone who has been charged with a crime is presumed innocent until — and only if — proven otherwise. It is likely that the man has a number of options for his defense, which he should fully explore with legal counsel before moving forward.

Source: New York Daily News, “Thief steals wallet from man who collapsed in Illinois bar, buys drinks with cash: bar owner“, Meg Wagner, May 16, 2014