Student Facing Weapons Crime Charges for Bringing Gun to School

An Illinois high school student is facing a felony charge after bringing a gun to school. The student pleaded guilty to the felony weapons crime, specifically aggravated unlawful use of a weapon. Consequently, the 17-year-old high school student will serve two years of probation and face 10 months of work release. He will not be required to serve the work release unless he violates the terms of probation.

Although he was charged as an adult, he has already served 75 days imprisoned in a juvenile facility. His probation terms prohibit him from having any contact with his Illinois high school, consume drugs or alcohol, have a weapon, or have any type of affiliation with a gang. He was reported to school authorities after students discovered that he had a gun in his backpack while on school property.

It is not immediately clear why the teenager brought a gun to school. His attorney stated that he made a mistake typical of young people, albeit a very serious mistake, and that he takes responsibility for his actions. While he will face consequences for his actions, he does have rights that should be protected, even while on probation.

Even after a guilty plea, an individual should take steps to protect his or her rights. Before accepting the terms of a plea deal, a person should work closely with an experienced defense team to ensure that the deal is in his or her best interests. This support and assistance is particularly important for young people who have been charged with a weapons crime or other serious charges.

Source:, “Stevenson student pleads guilty to gun charge“, Jim Newton, Feb. 16, 2016

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