Teen Already Charged of Weapons Crime Facing More Trouble

An Illinois teen from the South Side of Chicago is facing additional legal trouble after being previously accused of an alleged weapons crime. The teenager is accused of shooting another teen, even while he was under electronic surveillance. It is not indicated if the previous weapons crime is connected to the most recent incident.

While he has been accused of this serious crime, he has not yet been convicted of this crime. However, Illinois state law enforcement is accusing him of shooting the teenager seven times. The teenager who was shot was able to continue to his grandmother’s home for help. He survived surgery and supposedly identified the other teen as the shooter. There is no indication if there was another witness to the crime or what other evidence exists.

In an incident involving an individual under the age of 18, it is possible that the case could be tried in a juvenile court. In this particular case, he has been charged as an adult and, if convicted, faces substantial penalties and jail time. Because his future will hinge on the outcome on this case, it could be beneficial for him to fully understand all of the charges and potential consequences he could face.

The young man is now facing charges from the weapons crime and the new charge of aggravated assault of the weapon. Despite the serious nature of these charges, it should be noted that the prosecution has the burden of proof. This means that he will be considered innocent unless there is indisputable evidence presented by the prosecution.

Source: suntimes.com, “South Side teen, already on electronic monitoring on weapons charge, held in shooting“, Tina Sfondeles, May 27, 2014