A Teenager Is Facing Charges from an Alleged Weapons Crime

An Illinois teenager is facing criminal charges after an incident where he supposedly committed a weapons crime. The prosecutor has filed charges against the boy despite the fact that he is fifteen years old. The weapons crime charges stem from an incident during which the teenager allegedly shot an eight-year-old.

The case will be heard in an Illinois juvenile court, which is customary for a defendant of such a young age. The boy claims that the firearm discharge was an accident and that it occurred because it fell out of a backpack that was in the home. Police have said that the evidence supposedly does not support this version of the event, but the defense could challenge any evidence that the prosecution has gathered to support its case against the boy.

The young man who was shot survived the incident and is recovering in the hospital. It was noted that the gun had been modified, but it is not evident why the gun was in the house with the children. At this point, no adults have been charged because of this incident.

Even in juvenile court, a charge for a weapons crime is serious. As a minor, this case will have an impact on the young man for the rest of his life, so building a criminal defense is a definitive way of protecting his future. He has not yet been convicted of any charges, thus is considered innocent in the eyes of the law. He also has the right to challenge any aspect of the prosecution’s case and present evidence supporting his defense, but the burden of proof rests firmly with the prosecution.

Source: Belleville News-Democrat, “Teen charged in 8-year-old Urbana boy’s shooting“, July 2, 2014

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