Theft Charge and More for Men After Alleged Burglaries

Two Illinois men are facing more than one theft charge each, after a series of alleged car burglaries. The men were arrested after the suspected burglary incidents in the North Alton area. In addition to facing the theft charge, one of the men is facing a gun charge. This same man has experienced trouble with law enforcement in the past.

These charges stem from several car thefts across the area. The men are said to have taken valuable property from vehicles. Some of the items that were reported stolen include a computer, guitar supplies, clothing, money and credit cards. There was an individual who witnessed one of the car burglaries, but the suspect was wearing a mask. The man ran away, so it is not clear how law enforcement or the witness was able to positively identify the man.

It is also noted that some of the cars that were missing property showed no signs of forced entry. In order to secure a conviction, the prosecution must present evidence that proves guilt beyond any doubt. Specific evidence linking these men to the burglaries is not mentioned.

Criminal charges of any kind, including a theft charge, could result in jail time, fines and other penalties. For this reason, it would greatly benefit these two Illinois men to explore all of the options for a criminal defense. The burden of proof lies with the prosecution, but the defendants have the right to question any of the evidence that is brought against them. As they have not been convicted of any charges, the men are considered innocent in the eyes of the law.

Source:, “Pair facing several burglary charges“, Linda N. Weller, Aug. 12, 2014

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