Traffic Charges: Alleged D Driver Found to Have 40 Citations

A 27-year-old Illinois mother of three was killed in a car accident on Oct. 23 when they were waiting for help with a broken-down car on Interstate 55. The driver who allegedly caused the woman’s death is now facing aggravated DUI charges. It was also reported that he had accumulated multiple traffic charges prior to the fatal crash.

According to court records, the driver had been cited for traffic violations on at least 40 occasions from 1994 through 2015. However, convictions were only obtained twice. Under Illinois laws, a driver may be eligible for court supervision and avoid having the offense on his or her permanent record, unless another traffic offense is committed within a predetermined amount of time. It is reported that the accused driver had been sentenced to court supervision 30 times, 25 of them were speeding violations.

The citations were issued in both St. Clair and Madison counties. Because the court has no access to traffic offenses committed outside of its jurisdiction, it can apparently happen that a person is granted court supervision that might not have been allowed if violations had occurred in the same county. For this reason, none of the citations appear on the accused driver’s permanent record.

An Illinois resident who is facing a DUI charge or any traffic charges may benefit from consulting with an experienced criminal defense attorney. This can be a complicated field of the law. If a history of traffic offenses exists, the court may decide that a conviction is appropriate. With the support and guidance of an experienced attorney, the best possible result may be achieved.

Source:, “40 prior traffic citations for man accused in fatal crash in southern Illinois“, Nov. 1, 2015

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