Uber Driver Facing Charges of Alleged Sex Crimes

An Uber driver has been charged with criminal sexual assault and abuse after he allegedly committed sex crimes against a passenger of the ride share program. The man was charged after a woman came forward and said that she was attacked in his car and at his home. According to the report, GPS coordinates from the woman’s phone backs up her account of the alleged sex crimes.

At this time, the man has been removed as an Uber driver. While he does not yet have an attorney, it is within his rights to explore criminal defense options by seeking assistance from a qualified Illinois attorney. It should be noted that he has not yet been convicted of any crimes and is still considered innocent in the eyes of the law.

The woman states that she woke up while she was being assaulted on the man’s sofa, but it is not clear what evidence exists to validate these claims other than the GPS evidence. The defendant can challenge any of the evidence that is brought against him, as well as any aspect of the prosecution’s case. Additionally, his rights as a defendant include the ability to present evidence on behalf of his defense.

When facing serious criminal charges, such as sex crimes, it is best to have assistance from a knowledgeable and qualified Illinois legal professional. While an individual is not required to have an attorney, no one should attempt to navigate the complicated criminal justice system without help. The best criminal defense strategy for this particular man should be based on the individual details of his case, such as any evidence that exists and witness accounts.

Source: qconline.com, “Uber driver charged with Chicago sexual assault“, Dec. 31, 2014

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