Using Technology to Make Paying Child Support Easier

Technology, when used correctly, can be a tool used to make life easier. One way that technology can benefit many couples is by making certain aspects of post-divorce life easier. In fact, new apps are being developed and designed toward making some of the painful and complicated parts of divorce simpler such as payingchild support and keeping up with new schedules.

Illinois couples who have just been divorced or are currently navigating the legal process know that there are certain expenses and complications even after a resolution has been reached. New apps are currently available that allow for parents to make support payments, keep up with expenses and clearly document any money that is exchanged between the two parents. This may help some parents avoid further conflict.

Additionally, parents and kids adjusting to separation or divorce will find that it often takes time to adjust to new schedules. A new app called SquareHub enables families to connect, update and share calendars and share photos. This app may help ease tensions during a difficult time and allow parents to remain an active part in their kids’ lives even when they are not together.

There are several other apps that may help Illinois couples navigating the complicated process of divorce. While technology can be positive, it is important to remember that no app can replace the assistance of a knowledgeable legal ally. A family law attorney understands how to pursue a beneficial outcome and protect parents’ rights, working for a resolution that minimizes the risk of post-divorce legal battles over issues such as child support.

Source: Forbes, “5 Apps That Promise to Make Divorce Easier“, Emma Johnson, July 26, 2015