Visitation Agreements Are Highly Customizable

Just because a person is a non-custodial parent does not mean that they will never get to see their kids and have no chance to continue to build a strong relationship with them. Often, visitation rights are given to a non-custodial parent. Sometimes, what specific visitation rights a non-custodial parent has are established through an agreement between the non-custodial parent and the custodial parent.

When hammering out a visitation agreement, there are many important issues for parents to consider.

One is what the typical visitation schedule will look like. This includes figuring out if the non-custodial parent’s time with the kids will include weekdays and how weekends will be divided.

Another is what will be done in regards to special days or time periods. This includes what the visitation situation will be regarding holidays, the kids’ summer break and any other extended breaks from school the kids have.

Also, visitation agreements are not just limited to setting up when a noncustodial parent will get to physically be with the kids. They can also have terms involving what sort of rights the non-custodial parent has regarding calling the kids or communicating with the kids through internet methods such as email, social media and Skype.

For the above issues and any other issues that can be addressed by visitation agreements, there are a rather large number of different sorts of arrangements a visitation agreement can set up. The downside to this is that it makes it so there is no shortage of potential dispute points in visitation agreement negotiations. The upside, however, is that such agreements are highly customizable and thus can be designed to take into account the specifics of a given family’s situation.

Each family has its own unique circumstances and needs that can impact what would work best for them when it comes to issues like custody and visitation. Our firm understands this and we strive to help our clients who are in negotiations over custody and visitation reach arrangements that are well-suited for their family situation.

Individuals seeking more information on child visitation may want to pay a visit to our Illinois child visitation page.

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