Woman Facing Felony Charge for Swindling Money from Elderly Man

An Illinois woman the police have nicknamed the “sweetheart swindler” is accused of taking money from an elderly man. Allegedly, the woman sought money for cancer treatments and other needs over a period of five years. She is accused of stealing $1.2 million and is facing a felony charge of theft by deception, as well as other charges of aggravated assault and criminal trespass.

The woman became connected with the man after meeting him at a restaurant. She initiated an allegedly false romantic relationship with him, despite being married at the time. Police claim that she took cash and other valuable items from the man, including a car, under the pretense of needing medical care and surgeries.

Illinois State Police Ruse Burglary Task Force handles cases of financial crimes committed against the elderly. It is not immediately clear how the woman’s activities came to the attention of law enforcement, but she was arrested after a traffic stop. At this time, specific evidence against the woman has not been made public, nor is it known if police were looking for her before the traffic stop.

Crimes against the elderly are serious and defendants can face serious penalties if they are convicted. However, it is important to note that the woman has not been convicted of any charges and is considered innocent in the eyes of the law. When facing a felony charge or under investigation for a crime, individuals would be wise to protect their rights by securing the help of a criminal defense attorney. With the right help, a defendant may be able to challenge the prosecution’s case.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times, “‘Sweetheart swindler’ accused of taking $1.2M from elderly victim,” June 3, 2015

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