Collaborative Divorce Can Benefit Child Support and Other Issues

Many individuals who are considering divorce likely have a myriad of questions and concerns regarding issues such as child custody, child support and other divorce issues. While it is normal to have reservations about the divorce process, a collaborative divorce may allow an Illinois spouse to peacefully navigate through this difficult time. This concept is based on working with a team of professionals to make the divorce process easier when preparing for a divorce and its aftermath.

Collaborative divorce begins with assembling a team of people who will assist both parties. These should be neutral third parties, including a financial advisor, child therapist (if children will be affected), divorce coach and others. Of course, each party will have separate legal counsel. This team will advise the couple through every aspect of divorce from property division to child custody arrangements.

It is not always possible for a couple to work together in this type of arrangement, but it can allow for a smoother transition during a typically challenging process. The ultimate goal of a collaborative divorce is for a couple to arrive at a divorce settlement without getting into a long, drawn out court battle. Unfortunately, a couple may not always be able to come to an agreement, even with their teams of divorce professionals working with them. In these situations, a court would end up having to decide many of the aspects of the divorce that the two parties were unable to resolve.

There are many reasons why a collaborative divorce can be a positive option for all parties involved. Any children who are involved can significantly benefit if their parents can come to a peaceful and beneficial arrangement on issues such as child support, visitation and custody. Seeking professional assistance to gain an understanding of all Illinois divorce laws and how they could apply to collaborative and other divorce types could be a critical step toward receiving a more favorable settlement and moving on to a better future.

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Attorney Natalie Stec

Natalie M. Stec, born and raised in Illinois, and earned her Bachelor of Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her practice has been concentrated in significant pre and post decree marital and family law cases; including custody, visitation, support, and paternity matters. She has important criminal defense experience in both misdemeanor and felony cases. She is a very dedicated and passionate litigator. [ Attorney Bio ]