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Federal criminal cases are different from other types of criminal cases — the rules of procedure are unbending; the charges are usually complex; and the penalties are severe.

A federal crime or federal offense is an act that is made illegal by U.S. federal legislation. Federal prosecutors have enormous power and an extremely high conviction rate as the Government spares no expense in prosecuting individuals accused of federal crimes.  If you have been accused of a federal crime, you should be aware that while both Illinois and federal convictions can result in prison sentences, there are federal sentencing guidelines that mandate minimum sentences for convictions under the United States Criminal Codes.  Some federal crimes have a mandatory minimum sentence of five or ten years in federal prison, plus fines, and some can even include life in prison, plus fines.

Due to the seriousness and complexity of the laws, it is essential to get top-notch legal assistance when charged with any federal crimes.  The experienced Illinois federal crime defense lawyers at Wolfe & Stec, Ltd. are skilled trial lawyers who believe each case is unique, with its own set of circumstances and requirements, and we will work with you to mount the most effective defense possible.  We offer a free consultation, so contact us for help today at 630-305-0222 if you have been accused of any federal criminal charges.

What Are Federal Crimes?

Federal crimes include many acts that occur on U.S. federal property or on Indian reservations or are specifically penalized.  Federal crimes frequently involve drug offenses, immigration offenses, weapons offenses, and many white-collar crimes and fraud offenses.  Many federal crimes are listed under Title 18 of the United States Code, the criminal and penal code of the federal government.  These include:

  1. Aircraft and Motor Vehicle Crimes
  2. Animal, Birds, Fish and Plants Crimes
  3. Arson
  4. Assault
  5. Bankruptcy Fraud
  6. Embezzlement
  7. Biological Weapons
  8. Bribery, Graft, Conflicts of Interest
  9. Child Support Violations
  10. Civil Rights Violations
  11. Claims and Services Affecting or Defrauding the Government
  12. False Claims for Postal Losses or Pensions
  13. Common Carrier Operation Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol
  14. Congressional, Cabinet, US Supreme Court Assassination, Kidnapping and Assault
  15. Conspiracy
  16. Contempt
  17. Counterfeiting and Forgery
  18. Criminal Street Gangs
  19. Customs Violations
  20. Drug Trafficking and Manufacturing
  21. Elections and Political Activities
  22. Theft and Embezzlement
  23. Theft of Public Money, Property and Records
  24. Espionage and Censorship
  25. Explosives and Other Dangerous Articles
  26. Extortion and Threats
  27. False Impersonation, Identity Theft
  28. Firearms
  29. Foreign Relations
  1. Forgery
  2. General Fraud and False Statements
  3. Mail, Computer, Credit Card Wire, Insurance, Healthcare, Medicare and Medicaid Fraud
  4. Fugitives from Justice
  5. Gambling that is Unauthorized
  6. Genocide
  7. Gun Crimes
  8. Homicide/Murder, Manslaughter, Attempt to Commit Murder
  9. Import and Export Crimes
  10. Insider Trading
  11. Kidnapping
  12. Liquor trafficking
  13. Malicious mischief–reckless destruction of property
  14. Obscenity
  15. Obstruction of Justice
  16. Perjury– knowingly making a false statement while under oath
  17. Piracy
  18. Presidential and Staff assassination
  19. Racketeering–the running of a criminal enterprise that profits from illegal activities and services, including intimidation, bribery, or forgery
  20. Rape, and Sexual Abuse and Exploitation
  21. Domestic Violence and Stalking
  22. Telemarketing fraud
  23. Terrorism
  24. Torture
  25. Trafficking in contraband
  26. Treason, sedition, and subversive activities
  27. War crimes
  28. Wire and electronic communications interception

Investigation and Punishment

The government utilizes federal agencies to investigate federal offenses, including the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Secret Service.

When it comes to drug-related federal offenses, there may be mandatory minimums if someone manufactures, sells, imports/exports, trafficks, or cultivates illegal controlled substances across state boundaries or national borders or involves certain drugs. The government is cracking down on drug charges, and U.S. Attorney General Sessions recently instructed federal prosecutors to use the maximum charges in drug cases that involve the trafficking of drugs over state lines. A second conviction for drug offenses will double the minimum prison sentence.

You can be charged federally if drug offenses occur on federal property, even for something small, like smoking marijuana at a national park.  It’s a federal offense when the drug crime involves an undercover federal agent or if you are picked up in a drug bust by the Drug Enforcement Administration. The charge may become federal when local law enforcement works together with federal agencies or if the case involves multiple states or countries.

At times, areas of responsibility may overlap, and state and federal agencies work together to decide if the charge will be on a state or federal level, or even at the state level first and then the federal level at a later time.

Put Your Trust In Us — Contact Wolfe & Stec, Ltd. for a Free Consultation.

Be aware that most federal cases have a long period of investigation and evidence collection, so the conviction rate on these cases is very high. Consulting with a highly experience federal criminal attorney you can trust is essential for a successful defense.

If you have been charged with any federal crime in Illinois, you need to hire the best criminal defense attorney that you can find.  The experienced and seasoned Illinois federal crime defense attorneys at Wolfe & Stec, Ltd. will examine the facts, the individuals involved, and the evidence available in every situation.  We work with our clients throughout the criminal process to come up with an effective defense strategy and determine whether to take a case to trial. Our goal is always to minimize the negative impact of the situation and to focus on protecting your freedoms, liberties and rights.

We are aggressive litigators and will answer all your questions and make sure you fully understand the facts surrounding your case.  We represent clients in DuPage County, Naperville, Aurora, Wheaton, Downers Grove and Bolingbrook, and the greater Chicagoland area.

Delaying can only make your situation worse, so contact us and call 630-305-0222 today to schedule your free initial consultation.

Attorney Marc Wolfe

Marc Wolfe has been representing clients in criminal matters in Chicago and the entire State of Illinois for over 30 years. Mr. Wolfe has tried over 300 cases to verdict and represents clients facing investigation or prosecution for a broad range of state and federal criminal offenses, including murder, embezzlement, sexual abuse, drugs, marijuana and white collar crimes. [ Attorney Bio ]

Recent Defense Results

After the police broke into our client’s house, we successfully suppressed the evidence and the case was subsequently dismissed.

Drugs, “Class X” Felony, Intent to Distribute

We have tried many aggravated battery and domestic batter cases. Our most recent success was our client was charged with attacking and stabbing the victim in their home. After conducting extensive discovery, interviewing witnesses, and reviewing all the factors contained in the case, we were able to get the cause dismissed.

Aggravated Domestic Battery

We handle numerous first and repeat DUIs and have excellent success in acquittals or reductions of charges with minimum impact for our clients. As members of the NACDL, we have numerous expert witnesses available to rebut the vast resources of the prosecution and receive favorable rulings.

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