The Emotional Impact of a Complex Divorce

When a couple is facing a complex divorce, they may have the expectation of navigating a lengthy, adversarial and complicated process. While many couples will have to litigate certain matters in court, a complex divorce does not always lead to bitter court battles. One way to avoid this type of divorce is to understand how emotions and psychological differences between men and women may impact the entire divorce process.

Illinois readers are well aware that there are typically vast differences in how men and women deal with difficult situations. This can be especially apparent when dividing marital property during divorce, as there can be stark differences of opinion regarding which spouse will get certain property and assets. Emotional attachment to certain things will determine how fiercely a spouse will defend his or her right to that asset.

The valuation of marital property and assets is an important part of the divorce process. There can be disagreements over the value of certain things, especially if one spouse regards it as especially valuable or desirable. Employing alternative methods of dispute resolution can be a way that couples can navigate these disputes while still avoiding litigation. Illinois couples do not have to agree or get along to benefit from mediation and negotiation processes.

Divorce will always be a complicated process, both financially and emotionally. Working with a legal team who empathizes with the needs of a divorcing individual, as well as understands his or her legal options, can be one of the best ways to navigate the difficult procedure. While property division is not always easy, it is possible to work together on an agreement, even during a complex divorce.

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Attorney Natalie Stec

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