Felony Charge for Driver Who Caused Hit and Run Car Accidents

An Illinois woman may be facing a felony charge and more after causing a series of hit and run car accidents. The woman was arrested in connection with these accidents, all caused by several hit and run incidents. The felony charge and misdemeanor charges officially include reckless driving, fleeing the scene of the accident and eluding police.

The string of incidents began when she allegedly hit a car, fled the scene and then hit another car as she was leaving the scene. At the time of the second collision, the woman also apparently hit a person on a scooter. Driving further down the street, the Illinois driver then reportedly hit a man riding a bicycle. Police say that the woman never stopped or offered assistance at any point.

The woman was alone in her car at the time of the accidents but did allegedly cause some injuries to others. The woman on the scooter suffered some minor injuries and the man on the bicycle suffered from head injuries. He is considered to be in serious condition. Testing for drugs and alcohol was administered, but all results were negative. Police have stated that they will continue to test for other possible reasons for the erratic and unusual driving.

Because the series of car accidents took place in multiple locations, police are asking the public to contact them with any information that could benefit the case. The woman will have to answer to the felony charge in court, no matter what is found to have contributed to the accident. It is possible that illness, a stroke or other emergency situation caused the driver to endanger others. Her defense team could explore these possibilities on her behalf.

Attorney Marc Wolfe

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