Illinois Doctor Charged with Aggravated Sexual Assault

An Illinois doctor has been charged with aggravated sexual assault after police arrested him at his home. Law enforcement believes that he had inappropriate contact with a woman for whom he was providing medical care. He was paid to go to her home and care for her. The aggravated sexual assault incidents supposedly took place over the course of a few years.

The woman claims that he would enter her room and force her participation in lewd and inappropriate sex acts. She claims that she wanted to seek help from the police but that he said she would not be taken seriously. After the doctor’s arrest, other women came forward with similar assault claims. The Illinois Department of Financial Regulation believes that he also wrote prescriptions for a woman in exchange for sexual acts.

At this point, the man’s medical license has been suspended. Recently, he was indicted on health care fraud charges and was released on bail. There is no indication if he has secured legal counsel, only that he has entered a plea of not guilty. Presumably, his plea indicates that he intends to fight the charges against him.

It may be easy to assume that a person is guilty when there seems to be ample evidence and witness accounts. In fact, in this particular case, much of the evidence is comprised on witness accounts alone. These can often be erroneous and influenced by emotion. If the man wishes to fight the aggravated sexual assault charges, he could examine or challenge any of the evidence secured by the prosecution. The doctor could provide evidence to benefit his defense.

Attorney Marc Wolfe

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