Murder Charge Follows Use of a Deadly Weapon During Robbery

An Illinois man is facing charges for murder and use of a deadly weapon after a bank robbery resulted in the death of two bank employees. The bank robbery took place earlier in the year, but details of the incident have come to public knowledge after a judge unsealed a warrant. The defendant is facing very serious consequences, including the death penalty, if he is convicted of use of a deadly weapon and other charges.

According to the report of the robbery, the man came into the bank by using a side door. It is stated that, during the course of the robbery, he used a knife and a gun to threaten employees. Two bank employees died in the course of the robbery, and another was seriously injured. According to the warrant that was recently unsealed by an Illinois judge, the defendant allegedly gave a confession admitting his involvement of the robbery.

Evidence in the case includes DNA evidence matching blood on the defendant with the blood of employees killed. He was also overheard talking to his mother on the phone during the police standoff when he supposedly admitted to killing a woman. Police also claim that he noted killing the victims during the robbery.

It may appear that there is an overwhelming amount of evidence against the man from the armed robbery. However, it is important to note that he has not yet been convicted of use of a deadly weapon, murder or any other charges. Consequently, he is considered innocent in the eyes of the law at this time. Although the burden of proof lies with the prosecution, he could benefit from a strong criminal defense as he faces these charges.

Source:, July 29, 2014

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