Three Women Charged with Recent Illinois Retail Theft

One suspect remains at large and three others have been charged in a recent incident at an Illinois department store. According to reports, a child was seen exiting the store with four adults after the alleged retail theft took place. An update on the status of the child has not been publicized.

Employees reportedly attempted to prevent the theft by approaching the group of adults and the child as they left the store pushing three carts filled with merchandise. According to information provided, the four adults entered into an altercation with the store employees. The adults are said to have sprayed the faces of  the workers with deodorant and threatened to shoot them.

Employees claim that they heard gunshots being fired after the suspects fled the scene. Police reported that the car in which they are suspected to have been traveling stopped at a local intersection at which point the male occupant exited the car and fired shots at a vehicle that was approaching from the rear. Fortunately, although a bullet hit the vehicle, none of the occupants of the car were injured.

Police continue to search for the male involved in the suspected retail theft. The three women will be tried for burglary charges in an Illinois court. Under such circumstances, it is usually wise to consult a legal professional with experience in handling criminal law cases. Doing so is within the rights of any person accused of a crime and advice rendered would benefit those who are preparing to face the court.

Source:, “Police identify Collinsville Walmart thieves“, Joe Millitzer, March 17, 2015

Attorney Marc Wolfe

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