The Best Places in Illinois to Raise a Family

The Best Places in Illinois to Raise a Family

If you are living in Illinois or planning to move your family here, there are relevant facts you should know about the family-friendliness of your area.  Although the economy in our state has been struggling for years, with billions owed in past-due bills, there is some good news for Illinois in general.  Our state can boast having the 11th best school system in the country, rising home values, and some of the country’s top employers. Some of our cities rank high in additional factors that making them some of the best places in Illinois to raise a family.

To determine the best places in Illinois for families, WalletHub compared more than 222 cities, rating 21 key indicators of family-friendliness. While individual needs may differ, rating the most common factors that families care about, such as safety, healthcare, housing affordability, job opportunities, security, satisfaction, and activities that foster family life, gives a good picture of whether or not a city is good for families.

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The Study Findings

The WalletHub study ranked the following areas reflecting quality of life for families:

  • Family Life and Fun — including attractions such as zoos, museums and theaters
  • Education, Health and Safety — including the number of violent and property crimes
  • Affordability — the cost of housing and transportation
  • Socio-economics — such as the unemployment and divorce rate, and the number of single parent families

The study considered factors such as the number of companies based in a city that provide job opportunities and whether there were resources dedicated to early childhood education or for children with developmental delays.  Crime is always a major concern, especially in areas such as Chicago, where there has been an increase in violence. Families should know whether there are any safety measures and programs in the community, such as a neighborhood watch.

To conduct the study, WalletHub gave each of the 21 factors a corresponding weight. This was graded on a 100-point scale, with a score of 100 indicating the most favorable conditions for families. A total score for each city was given, and the cities were ranked in order.

The city that came out on top was Naperville, with a high ranking in Socio-economics and Family Life and Fun, and a total score of 70.68. A close second was Libertyville, with an extremely high ranking in Affordability, and a total score of 70.60.  Third was Troy, high in Family Life and Fun, and a total score of 69.68.

On the bottom, ranked 220 was East St. Louis, with a total score of 28.22, Dolton ranked 221, with a total score of 27.96; and worst of all, Harvey ranked 222, with a total score of 26.18.

What Can Improve Family Life?

Since families have a number of common priorities when choosing a new place to live, WalletHub interviewed experts in family studies and public health to get opinions on how to make cities more attractive to young families and to what degree child development and a family’s quality of life are influenced by the city they live in. Suggestions include focusing on “built environment” variables in the neighborhoods, such as how much green space, parks, and trees exist versus how many crowded, noisy, and dangerous places there are in the neighborhood. More green space increased well-being, life satisfaction, social support, and creativity, and decreased social withdrawal, anxiety, and distress.

Look for quality public schools, affordable housing and the safety record of the community. Examine parental involvement in the schools, the leadership in both the school and district levels, the educators in classrooms and programs for their advancement, the availability of early-childhood programs such as universal preschool and community resources and programs, and the measure of student success and achievement.

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