Charged with Sex Crimes, Illinois Chiropractor Loses License

A Chicago, Illinois, chiropractor has been charged with certain sex crimes, which has led to a suspended license. He has been accused of sexually assaulting a patient who sought his chiropractic services. The specific sex crimes include criminal sexual abuse and aggravated sexual assault. The Department of Financial and Professional Regulation conducted an investigation and then decided to suspend his medical license.

The man allegedly inappropriately touched a woman during a chiropractic exam. It is not clear what evidence has been found to validate these claims, but the man will have the option to challenge his license suspension at an upcoming hearing. As he has not been convicted of any of these crimes, he is still considered innocent in the eyes of the law.

Any type of sexual assault charge is serious, but unless there is substantial evidence to validate these claims, the defense could question the prosecution’s case. In this particular case, there is no indication of any physical evidence to validate the woman’s claims except her account of the alleged incident. Illinois law enforcement have indicated that the alleged incident is likely an isolated occurrence. The chiropractor’s defense team could examine and challenge any of the evidence that is presented against the man.

When facing criminal charges, especially for sex crimes, it is important to have an evaluation of the individual case. This is important in order to determine the best possible route for pursuing the optimal outcome for a defendant. He is currently out after posting bond, and it is not clear if he has made a statement regarding these charges.

Attorney Marc Wolfe

Marc Wolfe has been representing clients in criminal matters in Chicago and the entire State of Illinois for over 30 years. Mr. Wolfe has tried over 300 cases to verdict and represents clients facing investigation or prosecution for a broad range of state and federal criminal offenses, including murder, embezzlement, sexual abuse, drugs, marijuana and white collar crimes. [ Attorney Bio ]