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So many single parents lie awake at night filled with worry while wondering how on earth they are going to support their children. Will there be enough money this month to put healthy meals on the table? Will they be able to afford book fees and sports equipment for school? Will there be enough left over for co-pays at the pediatrician’s office? These questions are important, and their concerns are valid.

These worries are compounded if they are caused by an ex-spouse who fails to pay court-ordered child support. There is nothing more frustrating than an ex-spouse who fails to care for their children. And, there are no worries greater than those relating to the welfare of one’s children. The legal process to address your ex and get the child support payments you are owed can be confusing. Don’t go at it alone. Hire Woodridge child support attorneys to help.

Most single parents are already overwhelmed. Working full time, caring for children, and keeping the mortgage or rent paid is a lot. They simply don’t have time or knowledge to delve into the law to determine if there’s more the courts can do. But a skilled Woodridge child support lawyer at Wolfe & Stec does have the time and experience to do just that.

You don’t have to feel alone and afraid. Contact a child support attorney in Woodridge today at 630-305-0222 for help navigating this complex and emotional issue. The court’s goals are to protect the well-being of your children. We can help make the laws work in your favor.

Why Choose Wolfe & Stec?

Experience and Approach Matter

Engaging the right Woodridge child support attorneys is one of the most important decisions you can make. The right professionals can not only help resolve your support issues but can also help to alleviate some of your stress. Experience and approach are the answer to the question “Why Wolf & Stec?”

  • Experience: Our firm has decades of experience helping families in Woodridge, across Dupage County, and throughout the state. Because we are well-versed in Illinois family law, we can address all of your child support issues. Additionally, we are active members of the community and have represented clients in the local courts for years. We are familiar with all the players and know how the system works. Because of this, we are able to resolve your issues efficiently and effectively.
  • Approach: Child support issues are frightening, frustrating, and emotional. The well-being of your children is at stake, so it is no wonder you are under considerable stress. We appreciate how you feel — this process is not easy. Our Woodridge child support attorneys pride themselves on the empathetic manner in which they communicate. They take time to fully understand your situation, recognizing that no families are identical. And, they always carefully explain each step of the legal process, ensuring you know what is happening and what to expect. Your questions are always welcome; we are happy to address any issues you have.

It is the combination of our experience and approach that makes us the firm of choice for child support issues in DuPage County. Nothing speaks more strongly to this than our proven history and quality reputation. We are ready to help you settle your child support issues and move on to a more settled future.

Woodridge Child Support Lawyers: They Bring Value

What a Child Support Lawyer in DuPage County Can Do for You

The laws governing child support in Illinois are complicated. The average parent does not have the education and experience to comprehend them . . . but Woodridge child support lawyers do. These professionals know how to sift through statutes and case law to identify the right court rulings to support your arguments. A skilled Woodridge child support attorney doesn’t rely on emotion or distress to prove your case – they rely on the law.

After years of law school and sometimes decades in local courtrooms, child support lawyers know the ins and outs of legal processes, as well as the personalities of Woodridge judges, opposing attorneys, and courthouse staff. These relationships and familiarity with the legal process can prove to be invaluable assets for you. Also, a Woodridge child support lawyer at Wolfe & Stec understands the delicacy and sensitivity of these types of cases, and he or she will always treat you and your children with respect and understanding.

The court system can be an intimidating world, especially if you’re already tired and feeling stretched. A Wolf & Stec child support attorney can make the legal world a little easier for you.

What Are the Steps After I Hire a Woodridge Child Support Attorney?

How the Process Works

While we have extensive experience helping local families navigate child support issues, we realize that no two cases are the same. Thus, the first, and perhaps most important step we take is to sit down with you and listen closely to the things that are bothering you most and keeping you awake at night. We will take copious notes and work to understand your priorities. Then we will explain recent case law and existing statutes that may work in your favor and help you achieve your desired outcome.

We will craft convincing arguments that implore the judge to enforce already-existing orders for child support, and we will look for new arguments for additional or increased financial support.

Our Woodridge child support attorneys will file legal briefs on your behalf and argue in front of a judge if necessary. We understand that the costs associated with raising a child are significant.; they can be too much for any one parent to undertake. For more information about how a child support lawyer at Wolfe & Stec might be able to assist you with your situation, reach out to us at 630-305-0222 for an initial consultation.

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Divorce Can Cause Child Support Disagreements

Divorce is rarely easy. So many factors change when you move from one household to two. When a couple gets divorced and children are involved, parents are often faced with difficult situations regarding child support and child custody. Making important decisions about the financial security of a child is extremely important. The Woodridge child support lawyers of Wolfe & Stec, Ltd., are experienced in handling even the most complex child support cases.

Child Support Services and Child Support Adjustment

As experienced family lawyers, we have been providing a full range of child support services for decades. We develop enforceable child support plans. Additionally, we understand the issues facing families today and are well aware of all the things that can go wrong. At Wolfe & Stec, Ltd., we provide families with the following child support services:

  • Initial calculations of child support
  • Securing child support
  • Child support modifications
  • Adjustments of child support
  • Enforcement in cases of non-payment of child support
  • Penalties for late payment and failure to pay support.

When determining child support for the first time, we closely examine the financial situations of both parents. This includes an analysis of earnings, income, and other financial resources. It is important to note that many different variables can impact how income is treated for purposes of child support.

Non-Payment of Child Support

Divorce marks the end of a marriage but does not impact the responsibility of both parents to provide financially for their children. One of the most difficult situations a parent can deal with is when the other parent fails to pay child support. This scenario is all too familiar, and the one who ultimately suffers is the child.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in divorce and family law litigation. We are not afraid to fight aggressively in court regarding the non-payment of child support.

A child should not have to suffer because of the irresponsibility or bad behavior of a parent.

If you find yourself stuck with an ex-spouse who refuses to consistently pay child support, you don’t have to struggle alone. Call a skilled Woodridge child support lawyer at Wolfe & Stec today at 630-305-0222 so that we can find a solution together. Our years of experience with these cases can work in your favor.

Our Woodridge Child Support Attorney’s Approach

While our knowledge and experience are considerable, perhaps what separates us from other Woodridge child support lawyers is our approach to service. Our ultimate goal is to get you the child support resolution you need and deserve through empathetic and considerate interaction.

We understand the difficulties that parents face when dealing with divorce. We focus on making our clients feel as comfortable as possible throughout the legal process. We strive to provide personalized services while aggressively fighting for parents’ rights. We will keep you informed about case developments every step of the way. We will sit beside you during court hearings and any negotiations with opposing counsel. You never have to confront your ex-spouse alone unless you want to. We will always have your back. Sometimes just knowing someone is there for you can make all the difference.

Answering your questions is a priority for our Woodridge team. You can call us anytime to discuss new concerns you may have or a change in a child’s financial needs. We’re here to listen, and we will always return your phone calls. We treat every client with the concern and respect that they deserve because we know that child support issues are highly emotional and are key to your children’s future well-being.

Whether you are dealing with a high-net-worth issue or more modest means, we can help.

As a result of our knowledge and experience, we can handle complex family law cases effectively, efficiently, and professionally.

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Disagreements over child support can be stressful and sometimes adversarial. You already have enough on your plate trying to show up for work, take care of your children and your home, and meet your personal responsibilities. The last thing you are prepared for is time in the courtroom with a non-cooperative former spouse. That’s where we can help. Let the child support attorneys at Wolfe & Stec take these legal burdens off your plate so you can focus on the important things that matter to you. To schedule a free consultation with one of our child support attorneys, contact us via our form or call us at 630-305-0222.

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