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Manslaughter Charges Are Serious

Accidents happen every day, but when they result in the unintentional death of another individual, the consequences can be life changing.

If you have caused the tragic death of someone, obtaining the advice and counsel of a seasoned DuPage County manslaughter attorney is critical.

When an accident or unforeseen circumstance results in death, everyone grieves. In fact, quite often the individual responsible, the one who is charged with manslaughter, is also bereft and remorseful for the event that occurred.

Additionally, facing arrest and court proceedings for a manslaughter charge is frightening. If you are in this situation, you are likely experiencing a range of emotions, including confusion, regret, sadness and concern for your own future. You don’t have to face this alone.

The skilled DuPage County manslaughter attorneys at Wolf & Stec know what you’re going through. We can walk beside you and guide you in this difficult situation. Our team is experienced in handling cases like this and is ready to leverage our knowledge on your behalf. The outcome of this experience does not need to be catastrophic for you. For a free initial consultation regarding your case, contact us at (630) 305-0222.

Why Choose Us?

Our Manslaughter Attorney Is Well-Positioned to Defend You

If you have accidentally caused the death of another person, your life has been turned upside down. Much of what is happening is simply beyond your ability to manage. In cases like this, controlling what you can is critical to your future. Selecting the right firm to lead your defense is the first — and perhaps the most important — decision you should make. You need to work with professionals whose experience, knowledge and approach distinguish them and result in successful outcomes.

In all instances, manslaughter cases are challenging. Navigating the legal process requires a qualified defense focused on your future. The attorneys at Wolf & Stec are well-positioned and committed to positively impacting your case and your life.

As a client of our firm, you will benefit from our:

  • Experience Defending Clients: For more than 20 years, our team has provided high-quality defense services to those in DuPage County and throughout the state. We understand the laws regarding accidental death and manslaughter crimes and know the local court system and those who work within it.
  • Focused and Empathetic Approach: Our team’s approach is two-pronged. In addition to actively listening to our clients and gaining a complete understanding of the details of their case, we also communicate regularly and empathetically. While protecting your future is our ultimate goal, helping to keep you as calm as possible in the present is important as well. We appreciate that unfortunate accidents occur and understand that in addition to being concerned with your future and that of your family, you are also devastated about the loss of life. Our service approach takes all things into account.
  • Reputation for Success: Wolf & Stec is the firm of choice for those facing manslaughter charges. Our reputation for aggressively defending our clients and positively impacting the outcome of their charges is undisputed. While we know every case is unique, we will leverage the knowledge we gained while defending past clients to provide you with the most effective service.

Our firm’s name is synonymous with quality defense services. Clients of Wolf & Stec benefit from the resources of our entire firm. They can expect hands-on, personal attention and stellar legal representation.

If you were involved in the accidental death of another individual, reach out to us at
630-305-0222 as quickly as possible. We offer all prospective clients a free consultation during which we can learn more about their situation. In manslaughter cases, time is a commodity we cannot afford to waste, so we are available to meet with you immediately.

How Wolf & Stec Can Help You

Managing Today’s Issues for Tomorrow’s Life

The steps involved in defending an individual against manslaughter are numerous and technical. Our knowledge and experience have prepared us to provide you with the advice, counsel and service you need. When you engage Wolf & Stec, your manslaughter defense lawyer will:

  • Conduct a Thorough Investigation: With every accident comes a host of evidence. As your defense attorneys, we will review exactly what happened, including reviewing police reports and any photos, videos or other information available. We will also reach out to witnesses and interview them ourselves. If you were arrested, we will review the arrest records to ascertain whether your rights were violated.
  • Manage all Filings and Communications: Once you engage us, we handle absolutely all communication on your behalf, so you may refer all calls from insurance companies and attorneys to our team. Additionally, we will file any and all required documents with the courts in a timely manner.
  • Negotiate on Your Behalf: We aim to settle your case out of court if possible. We leverage our knowledge of the law with our negotiating skills to advocate for the most advantageous outcome.
  • Represent you in Court: If your case goes to trial, we will take the time to appropriately prepare you. We always carefully explain the entire process so you know what to expect. We will defend you tirelessly, aggressively fighting for your best interests.
  • Handle the Appeals Process: Should it be necessary, we are always available to handle the appeals process from start to finish.

Clearly, successfully managing all of these things on your own is impossible. You just don’t have the knowledge and experience. But we do. Engaging a seasoned DuPage County manslaughter defense attorney is the smartest thing you can do. If you have been charged with manslaughter, you need experienced legal counsel.

Invest today for a better tomorrow. We are ready to go to work on your defense and guide you through the legal process.

Your Concerns Are Valid

Why Do I Need a DuPage County Manslaughter Attorney?

Engaging experienced professionals to handle situations in life is something we all do every day. When it comes to legal issues regarding manslaughter charges, the implications are serious. In fact, convictions can carry significant prison sentences and hefty fines.

You don’t want to risk a mediocre defense and leave your future to fate. It is important that you hire an aggressive manslaughter attorney who will craft a powerful defense on your behalf. Don’t rely on the public defender’s office; these lawyers are often overworked and don’t have much time to spend with every client. Your best chance for acquittal or a reduced sentence often increases when you hire an experienced lawyer.

Addressing Manslaughter Charges in Illinois

How Do I Choose the Right Manslaughter Attorney for Me?

This choice is crucial. Without a doubt, your freedom hangs in the balance. Experience, qualifications, approach to service and reputation matter.

Act quickly, but tactically. You should take the time to visit a law firm’s website and read the attorneys’ biographies with a critical eye. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are the attorneys experienced and authoritative?
  • Do they have a record of success?
  • Are they dependable and thorough?

Additionally, refer to client reviews to find out what others have to say about their experience with the law firm.

At Wolfe & Stec, our DuPage County manslaughter attorneys are some of the best in the business. We pride ourselves on giving each client our full attention by listening to their version of events. We pay attention to all of the details, because sometimes the smallest issue can make the biggest difference. Being arrested does not equal guilt, and we know that sometimes mistakes are made by police.

What Happens After I Hire a Manslaughter Lawyer?

First, your attorney will meet with you to review the charges you face, answer any questions you may have, and explain the law and how it works. Next, he or she will scour police reports and eyewitness accounts, review the evidence, and take detailed notes on your version of events. They will then craft a powerful defense that challenges the prosecutor’s claims by questioning the evidence, exploring whether there may have been misconduct by police, or employing a number of other strategies that create doubt in the minds of a judge or jury.

You want to work with an attorney who has experience on similar cases and knows the ins and outs of manslaughter charges.

Knowledge Is Power: Wolf & Stec Provides Valuable Information

What Does it Mean to Be Charged with Manslaughter in Illinois?

Illinois classifies crimes that result in death without lawful justification as either murder or manslaughter. As a rule, murder involves an intentional killing, while manslaughter does not. Manslaughter is usually classified as involuntary manslaughter or reckless homicide, which can involve the voluntary manslaughter of an unborn child.

To be considered involuntary manslaughter, the person must have “recklessly” performed the act(s) causing an individual’s death. “Recklessly” is defined as when the person “consciously disregards a substantial and unjustifiable risk that circumstances exist or that a result will follow.” This disregard must be shown to be “a gross deviation from the standard of care that a reasonable person would exercise in the situation.”

If you have been charged with manslaughter, the prosecutor will vigorously attempt to prove that the action involved was likely to result in death or serious bodily harm and that, even if you had no intent to kill, you recklessly engaged in these acts with disregard to the potential for serious bodily harm or death.

Manslaughter cases are serious, because merely being charged with this crime can have consequences that will follow you forever, ruining your reputation and negatively impacting your relationships, career, education, housing and benefits.

If you are facing such allegations, you need the best defense available. Prosecutors will be fighting to impose the steepest punishment. The seasoned Illinois criminal defense attorneys at Wolfe & Stec, Ltd. have extensive experience in all areas of homicide and know that there are aspects of a manslaughter charge that may lead to a dismissal or result in a lesser offense or penalty. We offer a free consultation to examine the issues in your case and determine what we can do to help fight for your rights and freedom.

What Must Be Proven to Get a Manslaughter Conviction?

Illinois law stipulates specific elements of the crime that must be proved to get a manslaughter conviction. For a prosecutor to get a conviction, he or she must prove:

  • Your actions resulted in the death of an individual;
  • These actions showed a disregard for human life or were inherently dangerous; and
  • You knew or should have known that these actions could lead to the death of another person.

What Is Vehicular Manslaughter?

Reckless homicide, also called vehicular homicide or vehicular manslaughter, is a related charge involving unintentionally causing the death of another person while operating a vehicle, including motor vehicles, snowmobiles, boats, or all-terrain vehicles. It is also considered reckless homicide if death occurs by causing a vehicle to go airborne.

Addressing Your Issues

Defenses to Manslaughter

A skilled DuPage County manslaughter attorney will be well-versed in effective defenses that can result in acquittal or a reduced criminal charge. There are several potential defenses to manslaughter charges, including:

  • The defendant acted with lawful justification in making the decisions that led to the death.
  • The defendant acted in self-defense, while defending the home against unlawful entry or while defending others.
  • Insanity or mental defect.
  • Involuntary intoxication.
  • The act was not reckless, but accidental, and the defendant exercised reasonable care.
  • For the death of an unborn child – there was consent of the pregnant woman (as in abortion) or the death occurred during diagnostic testing or treatment that followed usual and customary standards of medical practice.

A skilled attorney will know how to leverage these defenses to your benefit and create doubt in the minds of a judge or jury when they consider the prosecutor’s arguments. By advocating forcefully and effectively, a DuPage County manslaughter attorney can establish a different version of events and causes.

If you have questions about a potential defense for you, call us at Wolfe & Stec at (630) 305-0222 for a free initial conversation about your case.

Penalties for Manslaughter

When a person has died, penalties usually involve some jail or prison time due to the severe consequence of reckless or dangerous acts.

Involuntary manslaughter and reckless homicide are considered a Class 3 felony. Punishments maybe 2-5 years in prison and a fine of up to $25,000. Under some circumstances, the charge can become a Class 2 felony.

Reckless Homicide is a Class 2 felony, with punishments of 3-7 years in prison and up to $25,000 in fines; or periodic imprisonment of 18-30 months; probation; or conditional discharge of up to 4 years, a fine of up to $25,000 or restitution.

This range of sentences allows a judge to have discretion in determining punishment based on any aggravating or mitigating factors.

Mitigating factors, such as accepting responsibility for what happened, may decrease punishment. Aggravating factors, such as past history or reckless behavior, can increase the severity of punishment.

Elements That Can Increase Penalties

The law is not always black and white, and influencing issues often play a role. Penalties may also be increased for factors that include:

  • Location – e.g., the offense was committed in a school zone or construction zone.
  • Two or more people were killed during the offense.
  • The offense was committed after failing to follow lawful orders from a peace officer.
  • An officer was killed while performing official duties.
  • Other laws were violated at the time the offense was committed.

In addition, you may have to pay restitution to the victim’s family, participate in community service and attend counseling.

At Wolfe & Stec, we will work hard to disprove any elements that could result in increased penalties. Our years of experience in the courtroom help in defending against these charges.

What Does it Cost to Hire a Manslaughter Attorney?

Every case is different, and the hours involved in pursuing a defense depend on the complexity of a case. Generally, simpler, straightforward cases cost less to defend than complex cases requiring multiple depositions and extensive legal research and court filings. Based on the factors of your case, a manslaughter attorney can give you an explanation of the potential cost of your defense.

You Need The Best DuPage County Manslaughter Lawyer

Put Your Trust in Wolf & Stec

If you or a loved one is charged with manslaughter, you need to hire the best criminal defense attorney you can find. Your case may seem impossible, but skillful representation can make a significant difference in the outcome. Remember, the law places a heavy burden on the prosecutor, and you have to be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

The manslaughter defense lawyers at Wolfe & Stec, Ltd. are skilled trial lawyers who believe each case is unique, with its own set of circumstances. Whether your criminal law case is seemingly straightforward or highly complicated, we can help. We know the judges and the court system and would aggressively explore every avenue for your defense. We examine the facts, the individuals involved, and the evidence available, and work hand in hand with our clients throughout the criminal process. We explain all elements and processes of the case and come up with an effective defense strategy tailored to your specific circumstances.

Our goal is always to minimize the negative impact of the situation and to focus on protecting your freedoms, liberties and rights.

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Our Illinois manslaughter lawyers represent clients in DuPage County, Naperville, Aurora, Wheaton, Downers Grove, Bolingbrook, and the greater Chicago area. We offer free initial consultations. We appreciate the stress you are experiencing and are ready to meet with you immediately.

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