What is the “Divorce Capital” of Illinois?

What is the "Divorce Capital" of Illinois?

Divorce is rampant throughout our country, with about 40% to 50% of married couples divorcing, according to the American Psychological Association. For remarriages, the divorce rate is even higher.

Interestingly, the divorce rate varies substantially among states. And even within the same state, there are cities where the divorce rate is much higher than the statewide rate. 24/7 Wall Street reviewed US Census figures that identified the city in each state with the highest percentage of divorces among people over 15, based on population data of five-year averages through 2016.

In Illinois, the city that wins the dubious title of “divorce capital” is Litchfield.  The divorced population there is 19.8%, compared to a statewide divorced population of 9.8% and a married population of 44.9%

Divorce, dividing property, deciding what is best for children, and other family law issues are emotionally charged situations that are life-changing for everyone involved.  Making mistakes can be costly both financially and emotionally, so anyone considering divorce should consult an experienced family law attorney.

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How Illinois Compares to Other States

Illinois actually has a fairly low divorce rate at 9.8%, and even the Litchfield rate of 19.8 % is about average for highest cities.  A look at how some other states compare helps show how we stand:

1) Neighboring states:

Westville, Indiana, has the highest divorce rate in the state, with a divorced population of 22.7%.  Statewide, the divorced population is 12.7%, higher than ours, and the married population is only 20.2%

The divorced population of Bedford Heights, Ohio, is just under Litchfield’s, at 19.3%.  The divorced population statewide is 12.1%, and the married population is 32.1%

2) Lowest states:

North Dakota
Devils Lake, North Dakota, has the lowest “highest divorce city” divorced population in the country at 14.4%.  The divorced population statewide is 9.5%, not much better than Illinois’, and the married population is 39.3%.

Rhode Island
Westerly, Rhode Island, is another low “high city,” with a divorced population of 15.8%.  Still, the divorced population statewide is higher than ours at 11.4%.  The married population is a high 48.7%.

3) Highest state:

Clarkston, Washington, has the distinction of being the city with the highest divorced population at 25.7%.  Statewide, the divorced population is 12.1%, and the married population is 38.7%.

Divorce in Illinois

While divorce is never the desired outcome of a marriage, often it is a necessary one, especially if you are dealing with situations that include problems such as abuse, infidelity, stress, money troubles, childcare differences, and personal changes by one or both partners who grow apart.  Divorce should not be entered into lightly, as it is costly both in financial terms (the average cost of a contested divorce ranges from $15,000 to

$30,000, according to Forbes.com) and emotionally.  Supporting two households on an income that once supported one is also a problem.  It has been estimated that divorced spouses need more than a 30% increase in income to maintain the same standard of living they were accustomed to while married. In addition, divorcing spouses have to deal with sensitive and complex issues such as child support and custody and division of property.

While some people contemplating divorce may be tempted to handle it on their own, this could be a costly mistake. Even if you and your spouse agree and the divorce is friendly, this often changes without warning as unexpected situations arise.

Illinois laws and guidelines can be difficult to interpret, and making a mistake could mean returning to court and nasty and costly drawn-out battles that adversely affect you and your children. Fortunately, there is help available when you have a lawyer on your side.

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