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Empowering Parenting with a Parental Responsibility Lawyer to Guide You

Parenthood is a journey filled with love, joy, responsibilities, and life’s challenges. Parents focus on providing the best possible situations and environments for their children. The reality is that things become challenging when two parents are not getting along, and conflicts arise.

Cases such as divorce make these challenges more daunting, and the legal landscape is complex. A skilled parental responsibility lawyer will help to guide you through these situations. Here are some ways we can make a difference to empower you.

The Role of a Parental Responsibility Attorney in Navigating the Legal Landscape

Parental responsibility focuses on a range of factors influencing the upbringing of your children. These issues become complex when the parents fail to agree on their duties, leading to legal challenges. The different areas where conflicts arise include:

Legal Custody

Legal custody is the decision-making authority for important parts of your child’s life, including health care, religion, and education.

Child Support

Child support focuses on the financial support of each parent to cover the child’s needs, such as clothing, education, food, and health care.


Visitation relates to access to the child, such as schedules and visitation rights.

Physical Custody

Physical custody focuses on where the child mainly lives. It covers things such as housing, nutrition, and daily schedules.

Modification and Enforcement

Changes in situations and conflicts arise over existing arrangements and may require modifications. The courts understand that things could change and are usually willing to adjust these arrangements.

Addressing these aspects could be legally and emotionally challenging. It is not uncommon for parents to become overwhelmed by all of these factors. A skilled parental responsibility attorney will help guide and adjust your situation to any changes.

The attorneys at Wolfe & Stec LTD have decades of experience working on these cases. You work with a skilled Illinois parental responsibility lawyer who will look out for you and stand up for your rights.

Contact us at 630-305-0222 to schedule your consultation with a parental responsibility lawyer. We will give you objective advice that is customized to your situation.

When Should You Contact a Parental Responsibility Lawyer?

Every parental responsibility case is different, but there are certain situations when you need the assistance of a skilled legal professional:

Complex Legal Issues

Those cases with complex disputes are when you need to speak with one of our parental responsibility lawyers. These include international relocations, complex financial challenges, and custody issues.

Court Order Violations

Failing to comply with a court order creates a serious situation. You need a skilled attorney to help you with remedies and to enforce the court order.


You need the help of a parental responsibility attorney in Illinois when your situation changes dramatically. This may include a relocation or shift in your financial situation.

Our skilled legal professionals will protect you and ensure your rights are respected. We understand the stress you are under and will simplify things for you.

How a Parental Responsibility Lawyer Makes a Difference?

A parental responsibility lawyer offers effective legal guidance. We understand the challenges of these situations and want to add clarification. Here is how we can make a difference for you.


Some attorneys have trouble listening to their clients and understanding what is important. They are too busy talking about the law and legal strategy. These areas are critical, but an effective attorney listens to you and applies what you say. We let you express your emotions and work to defuse the situation quickly.

Reduces Stress

We know how stressful these cases are for you. Our team of attorneys alleviates your anxieties by focusing on the children, their well-being, and your rights. We handle all of the complexities and reduce your stress.


Our attorneys work as advocates for you and offer reassurance about the importance of your situation. You will see our professionals working tirelessly to ensure everything goes smoothly. Our team is happy to answer your questions and take the time to explain the process in simple terms.


Your parental responsibility lawyer focuses on using alternative dispute resolution to resolve your case. Our approach empowers both parties in many different ways.

Quicker Resolutions

Negotiating cases either directly or through mediation is more effective. It reduces time and seeks agreeable solutions for both parties. You avoid conflict and uncertainty by having realistic solutions.

Lower Costs

Our focus is on finding the lowest-cost solutions that get results. Alternative dispute resolution reduces costs and avoids lengthy court proceedings. You can more effectively allocate your resources to support your kids and improve their quality of life.

Active Decision Making

We encourage collaborative decision making to ensure you play a critical role. Our focus is ensuring you have a say in what happens with your children.

Strengthening Relationships

We work tirelessly to build and enhance positive relationships between both parents. Lowering the intensity and emotions is critical in preventing things from spiraling out of control. Your attorney helps foster these relationships so everyone can start fresh. Many times, both parents can work together and respect each other for the betterment of the children.

Our skilled parental responsibility lawyers in Illinois can help to guide you. You will get practical legal advice from us as we work toward favorable solutions. We prefer to create win-win scenarios so all parties can move on with their lives.

Why Choose Us?

The parent responsibility attorneys at Wolfe & Stec LTD practice family law, including visitation, support, and child custody. Our main role is representing your interests, guiding you through various disputes, and negotiating solutions. We empower parents in numerous ways, such as:

Objective Advice

Child custody disputes could involve intense emotions that may impact the views of both parents. Our attorneys use the law and case precedents to protect the children’s best interests. We work tirelessly to create situations that protect your interests and rights.


Your parental responsibility lawyer in Illinois knows state and federal laws surrounding support and custody. We use this knowledge to guide you throughout the process. Your attorney tirelessly works as an advocate who stands up for your rights.

Mediation and Negotiation

Parental responsibility cases are frequently resolved using mediation and negotiations. We prefer this option to ensure all parties can collaborate and create agreeable solutions. Our approach reduces the time, emotions, and costs to resolve these cases.

Court Representation

Those cases when negotiations fail require using the courts to intervene. Your parental responsibility attorney represents you throughout these proceedings. We serve as advocates, present evidence, make effective arguments, and look out for you. We are focused on standing up for your rights and will work tirelessly for you.


After the agreement is established, your parental responsibility lawyer in Illinois will ensure all responsibilities are met. We focus on adapting to your changing circumstances and enforcing child support payments.


You work with a skilled attorney who has years of experience handling the most complex cases. We put this experience to work for you to ensure everything goes smoothly. Our team of professionals is dedicated to creating favorable outcomes and protecting the rights of your children. We work tirelessly to reach these objectives and guide you throughout the case.

Your skilled attorney will assist you through these cases to create favorable outcomes. We understand the challenges you are facing and are here to help. Contact us at 630-305-0222 to schedule your free consultation with a parental responsibility attorney in Illinois.


What is the Role of a Parental Responsibility Lawyer?

A parental responsibility lawyer practices in family law and addresses issues such as visitation, support, and custody. We serve as advocates and guide you to create favorable solutions. We help you understand your rights and navigate the case’s complexities.

What is the Difference between Legal and Physical Custody?

Legal custody is when you are deciding on important parts of the child’s life, including health, upbringing, religion, and education. Physical custody relates to where the child spends most of their time. This parent is responsible for daily living and care, including routines and housing.

What is the Role of Mediation in these Cases?

Mediation is when a neutral party negotiates the case to reach an agreeable solution for everyone. It is less formal and could reduce the emotions and adversarial tone which hinder closure. You will save money and time to find an effective solution that works for everybody. We prefer to use mediation to create mutually agreeable solutions.

How is Child Support Decided?

Child support is decided using state law and case precedent. It considers numerous factors, including the child’s needs, parents’ income, and the time each parent spends with the child. Your parental responsibility lawyer helps you to understand how child support is calculated and to get a modification if things change.

What is the Most Effective Way to Protect My Children during these Cases?

We recommend working with a parental responsibility lawyer in Illinois to guide you. We focus on open and transparent communication and work quickly to protect your children. Our team helps create stable and supportive environments for children. We encourage you to think about their well-being, have an open mind, and be willing to make compromises.

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