Illinois Bill Would Ban Sex Offenders from County Fairs

Convicted sex offenders in Illinois face many restrictions under the state’s sex offender registration laws. Sex offenders are required to give law enforcement authorities personal information, including where they live and work.

A new bill proposed in Illinois would prohibit registered sex offenders from attending county fairs. Sex offenders would still be able to go to the state fair but sex offenders would no longer be able to attend county fairs.

The bill was proposed to fix a loophole in the state’s current law that bans sex offenders from working at county fairs but doesn’t ban them from actually attending county fairs. One director of a county fair in Illinois said the law should help prevent sex offenders from attending county fairs that are supposed to be for families to enjoy.

If the bill is passed, how would it be enforced? Officials said that the new law would give police more power and authority to monitor and enforce the law. They did not say how police would check to make sure registered sex offenders were not attending county fairs.

If the bill becomes law and registered sex offenders are banned from attending county fairs in Illinois, sex offenders will need to be aware of the repercussions they could face if they go to a county fair.

Registered sex offenders can face harsh penalties for violating sex offender laws in Illinois. Lawmakers who proposed the bill did not state what penalties sex offenders could face if they attend a county fair. However, sex offenders would likely face some consequences for violating Illinois law.

Source: WQAD, “Sex Offenders May Be Banned From Illinois County Fairs,” Angie Sharp, Feb. 12, 2014

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