Illinois Lawyer Faces Felony Charge for Prostitution

An Illinois lawyer, known for helping to secure an acquittal for an individual who faced a triple murder charge in 2010, is now facing a felony charge for prostitution. The charge stems from a few incidents during which the man allegedly patronized prostitutes. The lawyer, who will have to answer to a class four felony charge, had bail set at $10,000.

The man is accused of having sex with two prostitutes over the course of a year. The case was investigated by a law enforcement group in Southern Illinois that generally focuses on drug crimes. It is not immediately clear how the investigative group is connected to the alleged prostitution.

One of the two women connected with the incident was represented by this attorney in 2012 after she was charged with felony theft. Other than this connection, there were no other reported connections between the lawyer and the two women. Additionally, it is not known what evidence has been found to implicate the man. He has not yet been found guilty of this charge and his attorney declined to speak publicly on his behalf.

When an Illinois individual is facing a felony charge, it is within his or her rights to build a criminal defense to fight the charge. A defendant can gather and present evidence to benefit his or her defense, as well as counter any evidence presented by the prosecution. In this particular situation, the attorney is considered innocent in the eyes of the law and will work with his legal team in order to build a strategy suited to his individual situation.

Source:, “Lawyer in Belleville hair salon triple murder case faces prostitution charge“, Beth Hundsdorfer, Nov. 26, 2014

Attorney Marc Wolfe

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