Illinois Trooper Accused of Criminal Offense After Traffic Stop

An Illinois state trooper was recently accused of wrongdoing doing the course of duty in his job as a police officer. He has been convicted of a criminal offense in the incident. It has been reported that sentencing is set for late Oct. 2015.

The state trooper is facing up to a year in jail because of actions that he took concerning a motorist whom he had pulled over in a traffic stop. According to reports, the dash camera of the officer’s squad car recorded a video of all that transpired. A state police supervisor is said to have viewed the video and subsequently determined that the officer’s actions should be reported to prosecutorial authorities.

In question was a strip search that the trooper conducted when he instructed the motorist to lower his pants. The law enforcement officer then inspected the man’s private body parts by shining a flashlight on his buttocks and genital area. The officer claimed that he had stopped the man because of a tip he and another officer had received involving the possible trafficking of drugs. No drugs were found. The man has no criminal record and was not charged with any traffic or other violation in the recent incident.

The criminal offense of which the Illinois police officer was convicted was misdemeanor aggravated assault, though he was found not guilty of felony aggravated battery.  He and his attorney opted for a bench trial, thus waiving his right to a trial by jury; in doing so, he ultimately avoided a felony conviction, which likely would have led to a much more severe penalty. An experienced criminal lawyer is typically able to offer guidance and assistance that is designed to achieve the most positive outcome possible in a case.

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Attorney Marc Wolfe

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