Protecting the Interests of the Children in a Child Custody Order

It is the responsibility of Illinois parents to protect the best interests of their children both during the divorce process and upon agreement of a child custody order. This is particularly important when parents have agreed to work on the terms of a child custody agreement without the inference of a court. Although a divorce is emotionally difficult, parents must protect the emotional and mental well-being of the children during this time of transition.

Parents can maintain honest and open lines of communication by a willingness to participate in alternative methods of dispute resolution. If mediation is an option, it can be a practical way for couples to resolve disputes without the need for litigation. An attitude of cooperation can help keep the focus on the needs of the children instead of on emotional victories for or conflicts between parents.

Research suggests that children do eventually adjust to life after their parents’ divorce. However, if parents do not shield their children from their conflicts, the psychological toll of the divorce can leave deep emotional wounds. Children always benefit when they are allowed to have relationships with both parents during the divorce process and after the details have been finalized.

Child custody can be a complicated issue, but it is possible to navigate these sensitive matters in a way that both protects parental rights and the psychological well-being of any children. An Illinois lawyer can help facilitate negotiations and discussions, which can help the process to go as smoothly as possible. Divorce is hard, but, with a focus on the best interests of the children, parents can minimize stressful litigation.

Source:, “Healthy divorce: How to make your split as smooth as possible“, Accessed on Feb. 15, 2016

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