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Paternity is also a complex and at times emotionally charged area of the law. The establishment of paternity allows a father to enforce his right to be a part of his child’s life as well as allow a mother, on behalf of her child, to enforce the child’s right to receive financial support, including contribution to medical costs, daycare costs, and education costs.

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The Uses Of A Paternity Test

The attorneys at Wolfe & Stec, Ltd. have significant experience in all aspects of paternity. As science and the law have evolved, so too has the use of paternity tests to establish facts and secure rights under the law.

For example, we can help a mother establish the paternity of a child and then use the results to obtain child support, medical benefits, and life insurance benefits. On behalf of a putative father, we can use a paternity test to challenge the client’s paternity when the mother is claiming that the client is the father of her child or use a paternity test to establish the father’s rights when a mother is denying the father a relationship with his child.

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Wolfe & Stec, Ltd. represents mothers, fathers, and putative fathers in DuPage, Cook, Will, Kane and Kendall counties in paternity matters. DNA testing can rule out paternity with 100% accuracy, and can also conclusively determine paternity with 99.99% accuracy. DNA testing is simple and painless. It involves a swab to scrape a few skin cells from the gums of the putative father and the child. Men should be aware that signing a Voluntary Acknowledgement of can lock you into fatherhood and the responsibility for child support, even if you are not indeed the real father.

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