Felony Charge for Man in Possession of Child Pornography

An Illinois area man is facing a serious felony charge after it was found that he was reportedly in possession of child pornography. If true, this would be a repeat offense for this man and as a result, his felony charge will be considered a super X felony. His previous conviction occurred over a decade ago and was also for child pornography possession.

A Super X felony is the specific and very serious charge that is levied against this man because he is a repeat offender and a registered sex offender. His arrest came after an extensive investigation by Illinois law enforcement into the internet downloading and trade of child pornography in the state. He is currently behind bars, held on a $3 million bond, and facing five counts of child pornography.

As a result of the investigation, police allege that they searched his home and found incriminating evidence. He also faces various other charges related to child pornography and could also find himself facing serious consequences in the event of another conviction. Because of the serious nature of the charges which he faces, it could be vital for him to explore all options for a criminal defense.

While child pornography charges are disturbing, this man still has the right to build a criminal defense for his own benefit. When facing a felony charge, a defendant could explore the option to fight these charges in court or to work on a plea arrangement with the prosecution. The best option will be contingent upon the individual details of the case. It is important to remember that he should be considered innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

Source: CBS Chicago, Registered Sex Offender Faces Super X Felony Charges In Child Porn Case, No author, March 21, 2014

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