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Options for Parents: Child Custody Modification After Divorce

Options for Parents: Child Custody Modification After Divorce

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Divorce brings about significant changes for every member of the family, particularly the children. Even when Illinois parents work very hard to establish a parenting plan that suits the needs of the family and best interests of the kids, it can be difficult to maintain the details of these agreements long-term. Even between the most amicable of parents, a child custody modification may be necessary.

One of the most significant life changes for children is the remarriage of one or both parents. Depending on the individual situation, what worked in the past may not function as well after a parent remarries. Children may want to change their current situation, or one or both parents may feel that their existing custody order no longer reflects the needs of their family.

Additionally, relocation can have a significant impact on the functionality of a custody order. Remarriage, job changes or financial reasons may demand that a parent move. A significant residential move could be grounds for a modification, but Illinois parents must understand that a verbal agreement between parents is not binding. Any change to a custody order must be requested and approved by a court.

Life changes do not end the moment that the divorce papers are signed. In the months and years following divorce, circumstances can change significantly. Parents have the right to seek a child custody modification in order to protect both their parental rights and the best interests of the children. A lawyer can determine if there are reasonable and valid grounds for a modification and can help a parent move forward with this process.

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