A prenuptial agreement can help avoid complex divorce issues

No Illinois couple gets married with the expectation that they may someday get divorced. Because it is difficult to consider the possibility of a divorce before the wedding has even occurred, many couples fail to consider how they can establish legal protections for themselves. A prenuptial agreement can help a couple, no matter their income level, avoid potentially complex divorce issues in the future.

An Illinois reader may assume that he or she does not need a prenuptial agreement, but in actuality, they can be beneficial for anyone. They are particularly important for anyone who has significant wealth before the marriage, owns a small business or expects a significant increase in income after he or she gets married. These legal agreements are specifically tailored to the individual needs and interests of the couple.

A prenuptial agreement is not betting that a marriage will fail, nor is it tempting fate. It is simply establishing how certain assets and money will be divided in case of a divorce. Some people choose to simply inventory premarital or separate assets, others may require more complex legal agreements. Failure to have a prenuptial agreement could result in strenuous, lengthy and costly litigation.

If a person is unsure if a prenuptial agreement is the right decision, a case evaluation with an experienced attorney can determine if this path is correct. Protecting one’s financial interests is always a smart and practical thing to do before making any important life changes. For many people, this means establishing protections to avoid potentially complex divorce issues in the future.

Source: sheknows.com, “Signing a prenup doesn’t mean you’re betting against your marriage“, Claire Gillespie, June 6, 2016

Attorney Natalie Stec

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