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If you live in Will County and are faced with family law issues such as divorce and child custody disputes, it is an emotional and sensitive time. Problems that arise can rarely be resolved amicably on your own, and trying to do so often complicates matters and can cost you financially. Fortunately, a good family law attorney can help you through this difficult time.

The experienced and compassionate Illinois family law attorneys at Wolfe & Stec, Ltd., always focus on our clients’ needs and feelings, and we work to resolve the issues they are facing in the most effective and efficient manner. Whether you need advice about a divorce or help with guardianship, we offer free consultations and will help you find the best solution for your individual situation.

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Family Law Attorneys Serving Will County

Family law is complex and encompasses a range of issues, including marriage, divorce, child custody, adoption, paternity, and other matters related to the family structure. Family laws also address controversial issues such as abortion rights and same-sex marriage, and also criminal matters like domestic violence and child abuse. Illinois family laws may differ from those in other states, and they are constantly changing.

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Court cases are heard at the Will County Courthouse, 14 West Jefferson Street, Joliet, IL 60432, and in a number of branch locations throughout Will County.

Areas of Expertise

Our experienced attorneys at Wolfe & Stec know the system and can help you through the myriad laws dealing with family issues. You should never try to negotiate custody or support obligations on your own, as making a mistake could mean returning to court and nasty drawn-out battles.  Major problems we deal with include:

  • Divorce: Divorce is one of the most common family law issues. Illinois law changed in 2016, so the only basis for a divorce in Illinois is now irreconcilable differences. There is a residency requirement that at least one spouse must be a resident of Illinois for 90 days before filing for divorce.Property is divided by equitable division. Spouses can keep any property they brought into the marriage, and the court will divide marital property and debts between spouses fairly, but not necessarily 50-50. Courts consider factors such as length of the marriage, spouses’ economic circumstances, and the value of the property.  Spousal support is called “maintenance” in Illinois.If a spouse who is not filing has never lived in Illinois, the court can grant a divorce but will not be able to order child support or transfer property.
  • Child Support: Illinois requires all parents to support their children. The amount of child support depends primarily on each parent’s income and other resources and how much time each parent spends with the children. On July 1, 2017, due to Public Act 99-764 that amends the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA), the system changed. Instead of relying on the net income of the non-custodial parent, the new law has an income-share system.  Both parents are now accountable for child support, based on how much they financially contributed to the combined household income while married.
  • Child Custody: Illinois Child Custody Laws govern child custody decisions and procedures.  In 2012, Illinois changed from using the terms “custody” and “visitation” to using the terms “allocation of parental responsibilities” and “parenting time.” Parental responsibilities refer to which parent will make major decisions for the child in the areas of religion, health, education, and extracurricular activities.  Parents should develop an appropriate parenting plan, or the court will determine which parent is responsible for each area of decision-making.
  • Child Custody Removals
  • Parenting Agreements/Plans
  • Non-Parent Custody
  • Visitation: Parental time, the new term for visitation, refers to the parent with whom the child lives and how much time the other parent may visit or share a residence with the child.

Wide Range Of Family Law Concerns

In addition to divorce and child custody issues, our lawyers assist Will County clients with:

Our Lawyers Know That Sensitivity Matters

Family law issues can stir up a lot of negative emotions for people, but there is help available, and you may find comfort in knowing a lawyer is on your side. The seasoned attorneys at Wolfe & Stec handle all Illinois family law cases with sensitivity, respect, and discretion.

At Wolfe & Stec, Ltd., we made our reputation one client at a time, and we put every ounce of our ability into every case. There are no ready-made solutions in divorce and family law – every case needs to be considered on its own merit. Our lawyers take the time to delve deeply into the problem and to understand your goals and concerns. Then we develop a legal strategy designed to achieve those objectives.

There is no charge for the first consultation, and we are happy to schedule appointments at our office. Delaying can only complicate your situation and make matters worse. Call us today for your free consultation at 630-305-0222.

Attorney Natalie Stec

Natalie M. Stec, born and raised in Illinois, and earned her Bachelor of Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her practice has been concentrated in significant pre and post decree marital and family law cases; including custody, visitation, support, and paternity matters. She has important criminal defense experience in both misdemeanor and felony cases. She is a very dedicated and passionate litigator. [ Attorney Bio ]

Recent Family Law Results

During trial four experts all testified against our client the Judge found it was in the best interest of the child that our client be awarded custody. We have successfully represented clients in numerous child custody cases.

Child Custody

We recently analyzed a case whereby the opposing side was seeking a substantial award of maintenance against our client. After a thorough review of the facts and circumstances and several hearings, our client’s obligation to pay maintenance was limited to two years at half of what his former spouse was seeking.

Alimony (Maintenance/Support)

After our client voluntarily changed employment we were able to obtain a substantial reduction in child support payments. We have also stopped such reductions when representing clients receiving child support.

Child Support
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